Monday, September 2, 2013

Back to Reality

This is it...Tomorrow is our first day back with staff meetings filling the day, supply drop off, and hopefully meeting most of my kids before our big day on Wednesday. I am thrilled to be starting the year with a student teacher! I have always had student teachers at the halfway point in the year. I think it is a great time to see how a classroom gets up and running. Let's just hope it goes smoothly...with me...and the kids...and establishing the routine!!!

Another thrilling thing is that I have NO MORE DROP OFFS!!! My sweet baby girl is starting kindergarten!  Mr. Topper will be handling the morning chaos so I can get to work at my cock-a-doodle-doo start time. Yes, we are a very, very early start time school which I LOVE and opposite of love at the same time. Anyway, this was quite the shock for us but we had to make some last minute decisions and she was able to start a year early.

So now, some wonderful resources I am using to get off and running. I just purchased this Back to School Mega Pack from Lauren Lynes. Check out her blog Simpy Second Grade for some of her back to school posts. There are so many great activities to do with all of those back to school read aloud favorites!

Here are my favorite "Let's Start the School Year Right" books:
Wouldn't it be great if all of our firsties got themselves prepared for school?
It wouldn't be the beginning of the year without this classic tale of respecting our differences.
Love that the book leaves you guessing until the last page.
A great way to discuss self-control and waiting your turn.

I am looking forward to using a couple of new books this year. Have you seen this book on tattling? I am lovin' it already.

I love my dear, sweet friend Molly Lou Melon. She and I go way back. So I was thrilled to see this book and ordered it. Hope it will arrive Thursday as promised! 

And my favorite cats will definitely be making an appearance this year. Cute little Splat and the very cool Pete the Cat will help us start the year. My new little friends will be happy to have a sweet visit from their favorite felines. 
And have you seen all of Pete's new adventures coming up??? I can't wait to fill up his basket in our library!

Isn't Splat the cutest??
Hopefully this will be the start of something new! Off to bed. 5 a.m. comes quick!


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